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      1. Careers: Why Delek US Holdings?

        We are performance driven.  We value a passion for excellence.  We value teamwork.  We value and reward hard work and dedication.  Welcome to Delek US Holdings.

        Since our inception, our ability to hire the right people for the job has served us well, resulting in an impressive record of consistent growth and profitability.  With more than 3,500 employees in nine states, we have brought together a diverse team of professionals passionate about investing their time and expertise in one of the most dynamic downstream energy companies in the market today.  Whether you are interested in our petroleum refining segment, retail (convenience store) store segment or marketing & supply segment, Delek US offers the opportunity to provide you with more than a job – we want to help you build a career.

        Delek US offers a highly competitive benefits package designed to promote the health and welfare of our employees.  The package includes health/dental/vision insurance, life insurance, a 401k match and, depending upon your rank with the company, stock options, just to name a few.

        The collective talents and experiences of our team members define us as an organization, both in the workplace and in our shared communities.  If you are interested in the opportunity to drive change in an organization that is committed to investing in exceptional talent, our team wants to hear from you.



        Delek US Opportunties